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Advertising 2023

Prescott Raceway hopes to give The South's Best Performance Business' a place to advertise their products and selection of inventory to local fans and racers. .​

Advertisement Packages:

The official schedule for 2022 is as follows: Bracket racing March 12nd , April 16th spring Nationals May 14th June 11th, July 9th Summer nationals,, August 13th Hot Summer Nights2 in 1 day Bracket September 10th & 17th.October 15th Fall Nationanls 2 in1 day Bracket. Bracket and Index racing dates are  March 26th,April 23rd, May28th, June 25th, July 23rd, August 27th. Outlaws start May 7th, June 4th,August 6th, September3rd. To note, our Thanksgiving race is November 28th through December 1st, which is one of the biggest races of the year. With those dates stated leaves plenty of opportunity for other races such as grudge, no prep, small tire, pro mods, and other events that really draw a crowd to Prescott Raceway.


In 2022 we would love to have you as a track sponsor. As the premier track in South Arkansas, there are plenty of opportunities for your business to be recognized. Below are the opportunities available and we do appreciate your time.

Winners circle sponsor.

This is in front of the tower behind the starting line and is one 4’x8’ space in the center of the forward face of the tower. This is right above where we will be taking all of our winners pictures in 2019. It is a three year contract at $2000 and we cover the sign. The winners circle sponsor is announced between every round of racing and is recognized digitally on Facebook and Instagram with a medium size logo on our website. In print the sponsor receives a medium sized logo on our bracket and index racing flyers.


Center barricade sponsor.

In the middle of the track before the starting line sets a “V” shaped barricade that protects our track master. There are four, 5’x2’ spaces available with options of a one year contract for $700 or a three year contract for $1800. We cover the cost of the signs. Our barricade sponsors are announced between every round of racing. Digitally, our center barricade sponsor will receive recognition on Facebook and Instagram and a small logo on our website. In print the sponsor receives a small logo on our bracket and index race flyers.


These three opportunities are at what we consider the premium, focal point of the track.


Barricade sponsors.

These are the barricades that flank the left and right lanes to protect our spectators. This is a 4’x3’ sign, that we cover the cost on. Considering that the barricades are 1000’ long, there are plenty of opportunities. A one year contract at $600 on each side of the track. for 3 years it's $1500.00 One faces the spectator bleachers and one faces the pit bleachers. Note that this package comes with three announcements per race and digital recognition on Facebook event postings.


Pit road sponsor.

The chain link fence that lines pit road has 15 banner spaces open for $600 a year  or $1500.00 for 3 years. and we cover the cost of the banner. We will include these sponsors in each races initial sponsor announcement.


Note that for any of these packages, all we need is a high quality JPEG image of your business’ logo emailed to in order to fulfill our part of the contract. Thank you for your time!

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