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Welcome to the Official Prescott Outlaw web page and the new 2013 Racing Season. This page is the home of the Outlaw Racing at Prescott Raceway and will hopefully provide information of interest for both the racer and the race fan as well as up to date scheduling and results. We will try to have all information available as soon as possible, including scheduling and race information.  Outlaw races are scheduled to start on the third weekend of every month starting in April.  This might change slightly depending on the surrounding tracks schedules.

The Prescott Outlaws Racing Series is second to none. The fastest Doorslammers in Arkansas and from surrounding States show up to do battle and the result is always one fantastic show each and every time. If you have a bad Doorslammer, come and join in the fun and excitement! Take a look at the Class Info page to see which class fits you and come on down, a good time is surely to be had by all.  If you are a racing fan, you simply must attend these events. The excitement of heads up, side by side competition with some of the fastest door cars you will see anywhere is just overwhelming. Each car and driver striving to be the fastest in their class means running on the edge each and every pass. Come be part of the excitement of the Prescott Outlaws at Prescott Raceway!

2015 Outlaw Schedule

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March 20th & 21st- Pro Mods, SS, MS, JRS, Indexs

Street Outlaws Derek and Dominator Gates open @ 11


April 17th & 18th- TOPMA Pro Mods, MS, Indexs, JRS,

ADRA points race


May 8th & 9th- SS 10/5 $7500 purse + 6.0 and 7.0 $1500 to win


June 19th & 20th- SO, pro mods, MS, JRS

ADRA points race


July 17th & 18th- MS $5000 purse, Indexs, JRS

ADRA points race


August 14th & 15th- pro mods, MS, Indexs, JRS

ADRA points race


September 18th & 19th- SS 10.5, MS, Indexs, JRS

ADRA points race


October 2nd & 3rd- pro mods, SS, MS, Indexs, JRS

ADRA points race


**** This schedule is subject to change, larger payouts will apply to some races check for flyers on front web page *****