Entry Fees

Track Entry Information

Prescott Raceway :::  2013

Prescott Raceway located in Prescott, Arkansas.
The track is located between Camden and Prescott at the junction of highways 24 & 53.
Track Phone # 870-887-3984


***************Spectator Entry Fee*****************​​
Bracket Races​
Entry Fees: $12.00 Watch (Every pass is a PIT Pass), children under 8 get in free

Outlaw Races
Entry Fees: $15.00 Watch (Every pass is a PIT Pass), children under 8 get in free

*You can purchase a Season Spectator Race Day Pass for $250.00. This will be good for any and all RACE days (TnT not included). Considering the 2013 season, counting multiple day events, there will be approximately 35 plus race days - that would be a savings of approximately $100.00.​
Passes will be available at the gate when you come in.

************** BRACKET RACES********************
  *Regular Race Payouts*

Super Pro (0- 7.99)  
              $1,000.00 (30-39 Car Minimum)​
              $800.00 (20-29 Car Minimum)​
              $600.00 (19 Cars or less)​

Entry: $57.00 Buy Backs: $30.00​
Runner Up: $350.00​
Semi: $150.00​

NO/E (Pro) (0-9.99) Winner: $500.00 (29 Car Minimum)​
            $400.00 (28 or less Car Minimum)​
Runner Up: $175.00​
Semi: $75.00​

Class Entry: $42.00 Buy Backs: $25.00​

Street  (7.70 and Up)​
  Winner: $100.00     ​
Runner Up: $50.00​
Semi: Free entry for next race only (Must use at next race or lose it)​
Class Entry: $12.00 Buy Backs: $15.00​

Jr. Dragster (6 - 16 yrs old)​
12 and under limited to 8.50​
13-16 limited to 7.90 Winner: $100.00​
Runner Up: $50.00​
Semi: $25.00​

Class Entry: $27.00 Buy Backs: $15.00​

************** OUTLAW RACES********************

Class Free Entry  

SUPER OUTLAW Winner: $1.000.00
Runner Up: $400.00
Semi: $100.00

  Winner: $1,000.00     
Runner Up: $400.00
Semi: $100.00
Class Entry: $75.00  

  Winner: $700.00     
Runner Up: $350.00
Semi: $100.00
Class Entry: $75.00  


Track Rules


1. No glass bottles

2. No loud music

3. No fighting

4. No 4-wheelers on the spectator side

5. Any/All alcohol beverages need to be concealed or placed in a plastic cup.

6. All drivers need to fill out your driver information card completely and take to Tower.

7. Make sure that you have your dial in and car number visible for the tower to see.

8. Jr Dragsters will stop at the ET booth and wait for crew members to take them back to their pit area

9. Drivers will not run in the PITS at a high rate of speed due to pedestrians safety, this could result in disqualification.

10. Must attend Racers meeting


11. Any racer running in NO/E (PRO) needs to make sure that any electronics has to be removed before running or be disqualified.

12. All classes will get 2 (TWO) qualifying rounds (Must run each lane for qualifying)

13. Any driver seen consuming Alcohol or Drugs will be Disqualified!!

14. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by driver or crew member will result in disqualification

15. Bye-runs or Comp. Byes MUST stage and take the tree. Failure to do this will result in Disqualification

16. Courtesy Staging Appreciated

17. Classes will be called up to staging lanes, if during eliminations you are not in the staging lanes in a timely manner - cones will be placed down, the races will continue and you will be disqualified.  This is to keep the races flowing smoothly, timely and orderly.

18. Please be courteous and pick up your pit areas before leaving, garbage cans are located though out the pit area for you convenience. It would be greatly appreciated if you would separate your aluminum cans for we have individuals that come around and collect them.

19. Only crew members, track workers and authorized personnel (video photographer and photog
rapher) are allowed on the track or in staging lanes.  Everyone else is to stay behind the fence or concrete barriers for their protection.

20. This Organization is set on having fun while maintaining order in doing so. This will apply to anyone in the entire organization, racer or not. If you are attending a race, please treat the entire event staff with common courtesy. We hope to achieve extreme professionalism at all our races and we would like for all our racers and spectators to do the same