Outlaw Information

Prescott Outlaws ::: Information ::: 2015

Prescott Raceway located in Prescott, Arkansas.
The track is located between Camden and Prescott at the junction of highways 24 & 53.
Track Phone # 870-887-3984

Outlaw Race -  Super Outlaw, Super Street 10.5, Mean Street, Jr. Dragster, 5.50, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

First Saturday of every month starting in April 2013

Below you will find the General Rules and Super Street 10.5 for the Prescott Outlaws events in 2013. (Check Schedule Page for Dates)

General Rules

1. All classes will run on a .400 Pro Tree except 7.0 Index (.500 tree)

2. All classes will run Pro Ladder

3. Prescott Raceway uses Accutime timing equipment and software. This software prepares the ladders

4. Prescott Raceway uses AUTO START for staging

5. All round winners must weigh after each round (NO EXCEPTIONS) failure to do so will result in disqualification and re-entry of opponent. Losing racer in each round must wait at the scales until his opponent has been through tech to ensure winners creditability

6. All classes must run a Factory Produced Muffler that has not been gutted (Super Outlaw, 6.0 and 7.0 classes do not require Mufflers)

7. Fill out your driver information card completely and take to Tower.

8. All classes will get 2 (TWO) qualifying rounds (Must run each lane for qualifying)

9. If a entry fails to qualify he will be placed in the field as the slowest car to qualify. If there are more than one entries that fail to qualify they will be randomly placed at the bottom of the field

10. Classes will be called up to staging lanes, if during eliminations you are not in the staging lanes in a timely manner - cones will be placed down and you will be disqualified.

11. Any driver seen consuming Alcohol or Drugs will be Disqualified!!

12. Any unsportsmanlike like conduct by driver or crew member will result in disqualification

13. Any person(s) may ask for a Protest Tech of a single entry suspected of cheating for a fee of $200. If the suspect is found cheating, they will be disqualified from the race and the accuser will be refunded his $200. If the suspect is not found cheating, they will be given $100 to compensate for the inconvenience of the Protest Tech

14. Any car is subject to a Protest Tech at any point during the race. Protest must be presented only to tech officials no more than 10 minutes after last round of either Qualifying or Eliminations

15. Faster car in the pair gets lane choice

16. Bye-runs or Comp. Byes MUST stage and take the tree. Failure to do this will result in Disqualification

17. Courtesy Staging Appreciated

18. This Organization is set on having fun while maintaining order in doing so. This will apply to anyone in the entire organization, racer or not. If you are attending a race, please treat the entire event staff with common courtesy. We hope to achieve extreme professionalism at all our races and we would like for all our racers and spectators to do the same

At Street Shootout Races for ALL HEADS-UP CLASSES the super start option on the tree will be TURNED OFF. The Auto Start function will remain on as in the past. What this means, is if you intentionally or unintentionally turn off the Pre-stage bulb you will NOT get a deep stage foul. Technically you could deep stage if you choose to, but be aware that once the Pre-stage lights are on in both lanes, there is minimal amount of time before the tree is activated. If you decide to deep stage – PLEASE DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Any car that is required to weigh after a winning round of eliminations will weigh or face disqualification.

19. Safety equipment maintained and in proper working order

20. All 4 tires in good shape

21. Race car should be well maintained

22. Nothing should be hanging or flopping around on a Race Car that potentially could come off and hit someone.

23. Brakes should be in good working order

24. Neutral Safety switches

25. Working tail lights or light visible from the rear for night

26. Hoods securely fastened

27. No leaking or dripping of any fluids tolerated

28. Roll bar mandatory on any race car faster than 8.0 in 1/8 mile

29. Roll Cage mandatory on any race car faster than 5.0 in 1/8 mile.

30. No Antifreeze allowed

31. All door cars must have front and rear brakes

32. Removable doors should be safety pinned

33. Drivers should wear appropriate protective equipment and clothing

Super Outlaw

1. Car must have working Doors

2. All Run field

Super Street 10.5


Mean Street

1. No weight limit


2. Power adder vehicles tire - 10.5 slicks (no w's) or any 275 drag radial - no wheelie bars

3. N/A Vehicles Max tire size 29.5x10.5 or any 315 drag radial - no wheelie bars

4. Qualifying you can run all out but in Eliminations if you go faster than 5.29 you are OUT!

5. Any Rear Suspension allowed (this means back half cars as well)

6. Front Suspension – After Market Bolt-on Stock Type Suspension allowed, but must remain in Stock Location.

7. Stock Front Frame Rails from Firewall forward past the Front Suspension required.

8. Stock Floor Board must remain from Firewall to rear of Drivers Seat.

9. Firewall must remain in Stock Location.

10. Cars requiring access to the Transmission may only have minimum alterations to the Transmission Tunnel.

11. Glass or Lexan Windshield, Passenger Side Windows and Rear Window Required. Lexan allowed

12. Cars must have stock appearing Head Lights and working Tail Lights.

13. Weighing: Qualifying- All Must Weigh. Eliminations – Winning Car Must Weigh.

14. Body (Fenders & Roof) Must Be OEM (Exception- Hood, Doors, Deck Lid and Nose Piece may be aftermarket)

15. Car must be driven back to Scale area, no pick up vehicles unless car is broken and if moving on to next round must be ok’d by tech personnel and possibly a track tech person present during pick up

16. Mufflers required for all vehicles except vehicles with Turbo. Exhaust must be directed toward rear of vehicle, (Exhaust in front of front tire accepted with turn-up “Bullhorns” )

17.  No Delay Boxes or Throttle Stops


1) Throttle Stops and Trans. Brakes allowed in 7.0 and Quicker Indexes. NO Throttle Stops or Trans. Brakes allowed in 8.0 Index.

2) All classes will run on a .400 Pro Tree. Except 7.0 Index and Slower Indexes will be .500 Pro Tree

3) Buy Backs available in 1st or 2nd Rd, can only buy back 1 time in a race.

4) Bye Runs- Bye Runs are Kept until you “Use or Lose it”.

    a) 1st rd. Bye determined by racer closest to the index without going under in qualifying.  
    b) After the 1st rd. Byes are based on Best Reaction time from the previous round.

5) Only 1 bye per racer during race, racer can not receive more than 1 bye rd per race.

6) Left side Steer Vehicles ONLY. No Exceptions.

7) Opponent and Lane Choice will be decided by the drawing of cards.